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                                                                           Find Your MOXIE!

Frustration… Gloom… Sadness…. Depression… Panic…. Mad… are any of these “zappers” or “stealers” present in your life today? I know they are in mine! Or maybe it’s this… you have just gotten out the swimsuit for the summer and your not sure what has happened but you could swear by the fact that you know that your swimsuit must have been accidentally dried and has shrunk at least two sizes!! You just know it; otherwise, this is not a good day at all. Or… even though we know in the big scheme of things that the swimsuit issue is not the end of the world, some of us have other issues that can really rock our world. For example, my life and what few family members that I have left have forever been altered by my sister’s seventeen year drug addiction. She has had great times in recoveries, and she has been in the armpit of the earth where addiction is concerned; however, it is a monster that currently is continuing to defeat her and her children who can’t understand (I can’t either) why the addiction is stronger than her ability to have a healthy relationship with them. My mom and dad are both gone now, and both at young ages due to cancer, so now more than ever, she has had to stand on her own, and has succumbed once again. Now, I do realize that she never has to stand alone in that God will walk your steps through anything. I’ve been in scenarios where if he had not walked my steps, I would not have been able to go on getting up everyday and trying to be productive. Point is… we all have joy zappers, peace zappers, and hope zappers. These are all EXTERNAL forces that come our way. Some might seem petty to others and big to us; while, others might seem petty to us and big to others — that’s where empathy comes into play! I know that is a horrible weakness of mine because of my life experiences and my internal core! But, here’s the message… we have to rely on not our EXTERNAL forces for joy, peace, and hope; but, we must rely on our internal emotional muscles — what’s on the inside that can help us flex, exercise, and tone those emotional muscles in order to be happy for ourselves! So, what are things on your “inside” in your core that gives you peace, joy, and happiness. Quit trying to look for improving those emotional muscles with “things, people, stuff” on the outside! Your goal, as well as mine, is to be able to exercise each of those emotional muscles until it comes so naturally that even when you are surrounded with a set of circumstances that are a complete “hot mess” you are able to experience each of these attributes — peace, hope, and joy — in spite of the circumstances! That’s the ultimate goal! Life is too short for anything less. I know when your skies are gray that it’s not what you signed up for!

Your chore is to do this: FIND YOUR MOXIE! In several of the upcoming posts, we will look at many different ways to do just that — FIND YOUR MOXIE!

As I’m sitting here typing, Dr. Phil has said it best… you have to love and get along with you! YOU have to be your best friend!

Turn on Your Light at the End of Your Tunnel!!

Reflect on these questions:

(1) How much do your day-to-day circumstances influence your emotions?

(2) Does it take something major to send your emotions reeling or can trivial things have the same result?

(3) Is the idea that you can free your emotions from the tyranny of your circumstances a new concept for you or is this something that you have always known is possible?

(4) In the past what have you done to raise your spirits above whatever circumstances were bringing you down? Were you successful?

(5) Between peace, joy, and hope, is there one feeling in particular that seems to be missing in your life? Which one?

I have designed a simple printable for a simple reason. Sometimes, even though I know something to be true, I simply must write it down to make the commitment or to establish it as a goal or a project, etc. Because I have many educational materials uploaded on the TPT site, I have placed this one there as well in that, as educators, we all experience “zappers” and “stealers” of our joy, hope, and peace! Here is the link on the TPT site for you to get the printable:

As well, visit my shop on Etsy where you can find the printable as well. Here is the link to my Etsy shop:

Have an awesome Easter Weekend!


Source: Book — How to Have a Fabulous No Matter What Comes Your Way! By: Karen Scalf Linamen

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