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(Original Post was on February 15, 2016)

So, yesterday we looked into a few characteristics that will help us “UP” our Superwom@n status.

You remember?

The first characteristics that we looked at was taking a hard look at how we are wired internally so let’s do just that! First of all, I need to give you some homework, and it is this: Investigate your “circadian rhythm (your internal clock)” and your “ultradian rhythm (different periods of alertness and drowsiness during the day).”

This is essential to understand some of these concepts!

Is this how you feel? I know that I do many, many times!

I looked and investigated three different sources, and they all seem to say very similar things so let’s delve into this and I hope you are able to have some “aha” moments! Let’s see what our internal body clock tells us about the following:

Our food intake? Our internal body clock really does need us to eat during our eight most active hours of the day. So, here comes the temptation… it is really is hard for me not to want to snack in the evenings so be aware of this — it is harder for your body to process glucose when you eat late in the evening. Pay attention to what we know and heed the advice superwomen!

Our Sleep? Now, superwomen here is where we can all learn a lesson. Here is what I read… Until we are around the age of 10, we tend to be early, early risers. You know mommas, remember when all you wanted to do was to sleep just a few more minutes and your little toddler and maybe your little prince or princess was waking up like a little alarm clock themselves at 5:00 am or 6:00 am on a Saturday morning… point proven! Then, around the age of 10, our bodies start switching into another gear that of going to bed later and later and waking up later and later… and to think we just all thought teenagers chose this path. Then, as expected, around age 21, we start that upward climb again to get up earlier and earlier. We peak and then around age 50-55, we began the same habits that we had when we were just babies. It’s really amazing… look deeper into this! So, what else can we learn about our sleep? Basically, we have “two sleeps” per 24 hour period. One is a long sleep which is when we go to bed at night, and then the “other sleep” happens around 2:00 in the afternoon. Your like, “Yeah, I know, LOL.” So, if you know this, then do something about it! When you feel that 2:00 slump creeping up on you, what can you do? We will be looking into this specifically!

Our Exercise? In researching this, it looks like around 3:00-6:00 wins the prize for the best time to work out. Actually, I learned that our muscle tone is at it’s peak anywhere from 2:00-6:00. Our lungs tend to function the most efficiently at 5:00. Our eye hand coordination is at it’s peak around the late afternoon. And… here it comes… our blood pressure tends to be a bit higher in the morning. Can you believe all of this? If not, check it out for yourself. I will list the sources that I used at the end of the post!

Our WORK? Obviously, we already know that we perform best when we are working at our peak. But, probably what we need to know more about is exactly what is our peak? and why? Look below for how I have tried to take a look at how maybe we can break down our day to bolster our productivity no matter what our profession is!

Our Lighting? Did you know this? Lighting is the single biggest external factor in how our body is operating. Our bodies are programmed to know that the more light the body is provided, then it realizes it is supposed to stay awake! Some of us are hardwired to have what we call a 22-hour “fast” body clock and tend to be called the “morning larks;” whereas, the rest of us have what we call a 25-hour body clock and we tend to be called the “night owls.” Where do I fit? I think somewhere in between… I strive to be more of that “morning lark,” because I know that is when I get my best completed. And I used to be this way… for example, way back in the day when Zach, Blake, and Brady were just little pea-mites, and I was in graduate school, I set my alarm each morning at 4:00 am. I got up and worked on my dissertation every morning without fail until 5:30, and honestly folks that is how I was able to graduate!

So What is All of this Hype About Our Work Schedule… Simply put examine below!

Things that We Probably Need to Do Prior to the Lunch (12:00) Hour: 

  1. Check your emails while you are at your peak– BUT, don’t let the time monster eat you up checking them… this can happen before you even realize it!
  2. It is during this time your brain is operating at it’s highest capacity, so be sure to schedule your “cognitive heavy tasks” during this time– it is during this time that you will be more likely to be able to push through these tasks most successfully!

Things that We Probably Need to Do from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM:

  1. Check Facebook (if you just have too)
  2. Tweet (if you just have too)
  3. Focus on low energy and low value tasks
  4. It is imperative to remember that it is during these times that your attention span is at its lowest and you can become highly distracted and potentially make mistakes in your work and productivity, and part of your superwom@n abilities is to be able to see and be aware of this and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  5. Hammer out those big tasks and complete those “heavy thinking” tasks that you planned the night before as you thought about today!

What Happens at the 2:00 PM Hour?

  1. It is at this 2:00 hour that you are most likely to just simply fall asleep! Did you know this? Chances are that you have experienced it honestly!
  2. If possible, go for a fast walk!
  3. If possible, take a “brain break!”

Around 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, What Should I Do to Work With my Internal Clock?

  1. This is the very best time to work out and exercise.
  2. Be creative… if this tends to be homework time at your house, be creative, wear a pedometer and be walking around the house in between those math problems and that language homework!
  3. If this is your time to get dinner going, again get creative and walk, jog, etc. in place while inner is going!

What Happens Around 9:00 PM at night?

  1. It is at this time when we tend to actually be the most creative! Why in the world is this? Think about it… it is actually at this time when our brain is fuzzy and tired, and it doesn’t naturally inhibit our creativity, and it is during this time that honestly we have the best opportunities for hashing out a creative project that we are working on and can make big strides in its progress!
  2. So, some of us are ready to go to bed shortly after this, and then some of us are inclined to stay up until around 11:00 PM as we write our tasks for the next day!

What are the “Take-Aways from This?”

**Pay attention to the research that folks have done who have way more expertise than us!

**During your day, pay attention to what you have just read and heed the advice and practice these suggestions!

**Make the changes in your day that help your internal clock so that you can supercharge into hero mode for sure! I will upload a couple of tools that may help you with some of this!




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