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Happy Monday All!

I hope that your weekend was absolutely grand! Father’s Day for me brings a sting of the reminder f how early my dad left this earth because of that monster called, “CANCER!” I can often remember him saying, ” I win either way… if I’m cured, I win; if God takes me home, I win!” How about that attitude? I can honestly say to you today that he was ready! He was 65 and full of life. Yesterday, I chose to celebrate my husband for all that he does for me and ALL of the kiddos! Our family is not the most traditional family in the world; however, we make it!

I also chose to celebrate my first born son who is now also a father to Jace and Lily Kate. I am so proud of the father that he is to them! I can’t but also laugh inside in that little man, Jace, is the “spitting image” of his dad who, no doubt, plugged into a 220 outlet every single night of his life and kept me going 100 miles and hour each day! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

So, needless to say, early yesterday morning, I was prepared, with my mental armor, to not “catch the blahssss!” Are you like me? Can you feel it creeping into your soul and attempting to take over your day? Oh, yes! Me too! This is usually the point where I tell Alan, “Let’s go shopping; it’s cheaper than therapy!” But, he would probably beg to differ where I am concerned… I am a master! You know there are certain things that a woman needs to function at the top of her superwoman game right?

                                                  Get You a New Pair of Shoes… and Just Breathe!!

So, just where does a new pair of shoes fit into Maslow’s Hiearchy of Needs pyramid? I say they are a definite basic need — he must have just forgot to include them! On a more serious note, a lot can be said if we take a more investigative look at Maslow and his pyramid of basic needs. Why you might ask… I promise that I am not trying to “go all philosophical on you all;” however, I think everyone can agree that once our basic needs are met, then we can focus on fulfilling our potential as human beings!

Look at it in this light… we yearn and have certain “cravings.” One particular “craving” that we ALL have, if it continues to go unmet, will not allow us to function at our best! You ask, “What in the world is it?” Also, think about taking a harder look at what you REALLY might be craving… it might be very different from what you first suspected! For example, you might be thoroughly convinced that you are craving a double scoop of butter pecan waffle cone (my favorite), and then you really subconsciously take a harder look at the situation at hand and you know that what you REALLY need at that very moment is a break — a temporary pass, if even for just a few minutes, to have reprieve from the stressor at hand… and just breathe!

Stay with me here now… on a serious note, breathing is vital to emotional and physical health. Think about it — whenever you are about to panic, what are you reminded… just breathe! Breathe to obtain the maximum amount of oxygen that you possibly can… and the health benefits are great. They include: (1) less stress, (2) better skin tone, (3) deeper sleep, (4) weight loss, and (5) reduced odds for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Is that enough proof that we need to “just breathe?” I sure hope so!

It’s so easy to lose our sense of inner joy, peace, and happiness when our circumstances are less than stellar. This becomes even an easier pit to jump into when we aren’t taking care of our basic needs like Maslow assured us many, many years ago!

Get a good night’s sleep, get some exercise or just get moving, eat right with lots of protein, and you know… drink lots of water!

Oh, and consume considerable amount of chocolate and go shopping… it’s cheaper than therapy!

Hope your day is awesome!



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