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Why would I decide to write about “staying stuck?” Yes, you guess it… because so many times I have allowed myself to do just that — stay stuck in the muck and grime of life! You know sometimes it can be easier than other times to get ourselves “unstuck.” For example, I have a horrible habit of allowing my car (that I tend to live in) to get filled to capacity with my other love — thrift and junk store shopping — more like my addiction! Nevertheless, it will get to the point that there is literally only room for me to drive and nothing else! Well, I can get unstuck from this scenario pretty easily if I will just clean out my car — may take awhile but I can get the job done! Other times… yes, you guessed it — not so easy!

The truth is that we may find ourselves traveling on a “stuck” path for multiple years, and for whatever reason, we can’t seem to get off that merry-go-round and get things turned around the other direction. Please remember (I have to tell myself this ALL.THE.TIME!) that you can and will not get a different result doing the same thing! This is critical in this thing called “LIFE” that we do each day!

Sometimes, our stressors just stack themselves nicely one on top of each other and never check-up — they just keep coming full steam ahead. You are caught up in each one of them and for the life of you, you can’t seem to find a breather in the muck! You try to do all of the right things — (1) more positive self-talk; (2) think more positive mental images in your mind on a daily, hourly LOL, monthly basis, and maybe (3) make better choices daily. Nevertheless, your still on the roller coaster of whammies! You might decide to call this a temporary setback! It’s important to know it is TEMPORARY; meaning not permanent. Good things are coming your way. Continue on your path in having faith in God and listening for his voice to focus you and keep you in perspective.

Also, another HUGE factor in your setback of whammies is that of TIME. No matter what your setback might be, big or tiny, it all takes time to heal. Now, not to say that because something does take time that we will just place ourselves in the mode of waiting on time to tick away — not hardly! We must adopt the approach of “In the midst of time passing, what can I do to help the scenario — whatever that might be, we must be diligent to do it — call it “savvy patience.”

And, then there are times when you find yourself in somewhat of “a lull.” Yes, that’s right — have you ever found yourself here? I sure have! The kids all occupied and busy and I look around and I’m not really sure which way to turn. I’m not moving forward anymore — I’m still going through the motions of some of the following:

  • managing my memories
  • shaking my behind and increasing that serotonin and dopamine
  • silencing my inner Eeyore
  • placing positive mental images on the wall of my mind
  • replacing negative thinking and self talk with positive
  • feeding my need for intimacy with God

Yet, still I am not moving forward and I know I should be and that I have to be! Well, I think that sometimes we must have a great push to keep moving and it is perfectly okay to get that push — I promise you for sure!

So, what kind of roadside assistance might we need and be good for us? Is it maybe…

  1. prayer intercessors
  2. best friend pep talks daily
  3. individual counselors
  4. family counselors
  5. marriage counselors
  6. relationship help books
  7. relationship help tapes

And there are tons more… the point is DON’T STAY STUCK!

It is not a “forever” state!

In the words of Karen Linamen, go online and look up ways to dissolve glue and I bet that you will get the picture! Don’t stay stuck — dissolve something — change something — pray something — call someone — but, don’t give in — settle in — or resign yourself to accepting that “this is just the way it is.” Winston Churchill tells us that “when we are going through a living hell, keep right on going!” It makes complete sense in that TIMES CAN CHANGE!

Finally, in the book, What Happy Women Know, the authors have written a profound statement — Grief in and of itself is not the trap; however, the trap is not being able to travel through it to the happier times again. Other emotions, such as bitterness, anger, depression, hopelessness, powerless, or even the feeling of being inferior to others doesn’t determine your future. What does determine your future is the ever interfering belief that you’ll always be in the current state of “in need of roadside assistance” and not believing in the fact that times change and good times ahead!


Have a great Tuesday!


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