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I surely hope that your week has been pretty awesome! Our week is ending with thinking about Hurricane Harvey barreling in on those in Texas! Praying for their safety for sure…


For the last several weeks, I have taken the book, How to Have a Fabulous Life No Matter What Comes Your Way by Karen Scalf Linamen, and taken each chapter, as I have read the book myself, and summarized the advice that she gives in twelve separate posts. Each chapter has served me well in terms of thinking how I can continuously flex my inner joy, inner peace, and inner hope no matter what circumstances come my way.

Reviewing Each of the Previous Posts

I thought that in this post, I might review each of the chapters and the great advice that was given!

  • Chapter 1: Make sure that you can ALWAYS see light at the end of any tunnel you find yourself traveling in… meaning NEVER succumb to external forces and allow them to control your inner peace, inner hope, and inner joy. Your control comes from within yourself and you have the power to be positive despite any circumstances!
  • Do not let your inner Eeyore have control!
  • Chapter 2: Constantly work on memories that may hinder you as well as an inner voice that can eat you alive if your not careful! Look at it this way… remember the times that you have been around someone who seems to always be “gloom and doom.” Think about how this perfect seems to infect you with sickness and how you are so easily sucked into the sickness. As well, think about how you “let your inner voice” talk to you! STAMP out negativity and promote positivity from other but namely from within yourself! Do this daily and be conscious about it! Never let your inner Eeyore get the best of you! Promise yourself this daily!
  • Chapter 3: Get yourself a generous dose of endorphins! You know — those “feel good” endorphins — serotonin and dopamine — they are so necessary to your well-being! How can you increase these two hormones you ask? We discussed this in detail in the previous post! We also looked at several supplements that might help you out as well!
  • Chapter 4: Oh my goodness! In this post, we discussed, “the inner voices in our heads!” No, we are not crazy! We decided this upfront LOL; however, we have SO MUCH tugging at us that it is easy to get bogged down in a pity party if we aren’t consciously careful daily in our mental exertion! DO NOT let your inner voice beat you down and convince you that you don’t matter or that you don’t measure up! It is simply not true —
  • Chapter 5: Mental images are hugely powerful and then again a notion called a “self-fulfilling prophecy” is hugely powerful as well! Work hard to make sure that your mental images that fill your mind are the right ones that lead to inner joy, inner peace, and inner hope and that your belief system, or your self-fulfilling prophecy is one that you can be proud of and excel in for life! You are smart! You are kind! You are important!
  • Chapter 6: Lets face it! We learned that some days are just plain more tough than others. When we can foresee that this sort of day is unfolding before our very eyes, practice the notion or self talk of knowing that we can always borrow joy, hope, and peace from the next day, the next week, the next month, or even the next year. Valleys do not last forever, and we know this; however, right in the middle of the sore spot, it is sometimes hard to find our way out!
  • Chapter 7: Life is all about choices! Fortunately or unfortunately, sometimes we are “thrown into a pit” as Beth Moore has so eloquently written for us and she also tells us that sometimes we simply walk into the pit and honestly, while unintended, sometimes we, ourselves, jump into a pit! The point here is no matter how you got where you are, there is always another day to make different choices — choices that can make you proud — choices that can change the landscape! Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit
  • Chapter 8: Sometimes, or more appropriately put, many times, our emotions will play ugly tricks on us and try to define who we are and emotions sometimes make us see a different picture that what might really exist — we must adopt the growth mindset that “believing is seeing” not “seeing is believing” — the latter is what gets us in a mess at times!
  • Chapter 9: It’s okay to vent; however, vent and move on… many times, it is way more important to listen than it is to speak — as we all know — God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason!
  • Chapter 10: When we feel blue, we must always stress to ourselves to “just breathe!” Life is not always perfect and it is far from what is sometimes portrayed by social media — so just breathe!

    Never Give Up on Your Passion!
  • Chapter 11: What’s your passion? Promise yourself to never lose who you are in the midst of life and how awfully busy that it can be! Revisit your passion(s) — revisit that bucket list — have fun! You have but one life — live it to the fullest each and every day!
  • Chapter 12: Don’t Stay Stuck! Keep Moving Forward! Any by all means, it is okay for someone to give you a push and keep you accountable!
  • Chapter 13: Be the Little Engine that Could — have persistence — and always have on your armor Superwom@n — when it seems that all about you is crumbling — be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons because you ARE JUST THAT!

Additional Information

Throughout each of the posts, sometimes I included some additional resources and links that I encourage you to go back and take a look at — for me, if I can see a visual or have a tool that I can use concretely in making a conscious effort to make a difference, I am much more likely to be successful! Take a look back at some of the previous and grab some of the tools!

You’ve Got What It Takes… I Promise

We can all experience inner joy, inner peace, and inner hope no matter what our circumstances might be if we will consciously consider these previous thirteen (gosh, I hated ending on thirteen) posts… and when we feel ourselves traveling in the not-so-good direction, put the brakes on and head the other way — the road less traveled — perhaps!

What’s Next in Our Game Plan?

Well, I am super excited to share that we will be looking at some advice from a hugely successful superwom@n, that of Sheryl Sanberg, whom I have grown to really rest on the statements that she gives us! If you have a chance, travel to our Facebook Group Page, Superwom@n By Design, and take a glance at the post I shared regarding the commencement address she has given in the last couple of years — it is remarkable to say the least! I can’t wait to travel this new journey with you all with her most recent piece of work — Option B.

Have an awesome weekend!



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