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Happy Sunday!

Did I get your attention? Probably so… however, today I am not referring to your livelihood specifically your paycheck! This is simply an analogy, which I think, best captures the essence of the attribute that can bring you inner peace, joy, and hope on a daily basis despite your current circumstances!

Listen to me when I say to you Superwom@n, it can happen!

Today, I need you to think about the phrase… There’s always more than meets the eye! Now, really reflect and digest that statement because it can make all the difference in the world to you — here’s how!

Have you ever felt yourself just trudging along in your path — a seemingly predictable and boring at times kinda life, and you have convinced yourself that nothing will ever change? Yes, I know… we all have! But, then again, have you ever thought about in those very minutes that “this is just a season,” and that while you are drowning in predictability someone is working on your behalf — someone or something that will give you laughter again, take you by surprise — and you find yourself saying, “Life is good!”

Let’s just say “there’s stuff” going on all around you — stuff that’s very real — stuff that exists in a time and space, that because of your current circumstances, you can’t see from where you are standing. Faith is believing in the things we don’t have and we can’t see — at least, we can’t currently see!

We must get better at not limiting our reality to what we currently see and even more damaging to us what we currently feel. WOWZA! I am so guilty of that… I can very quickly prepare myself a grand ole’ pity party if I’m not careful! The truth of the matter or the very essence of the truth is that your current circumstances — your current emotions — are just that — CURRENT — NOT PERMANENT! Your current circumstances are just a small piece of your life puzzle — thank goodness right?

So, beyond what you can currently see and feel right now, in this very instant, there is simply so much more…. everything… you ask, “What is everything?”

Everything is…

  • opportunities
  • gifts
  • second chances
  • surprises
  • answers
  • rescue
  • laughter
  • courage
  • love
  • good intentions
  • good people
  • peace
  • happiness
  • joy

And that’s just the beginning!

So, the question is how can the reality of knowing that regardless of your current circumstances, how can we have inner peace, joy, and hope and flex those inner emotional muscles? Well, the answer is simply this: Think of a good thing that is coming your way soon, and go ahead and borrow some of the joy today from that event, situation, or circumstance — you know… kind of “like an advance on your paycheck!” Adopt the mantraBelieving is Seeing my friend Superwom@n! Believing in the “stuff” that we can’t see yet — has awesome benefits! This belief can help you grow greatly — in so many areas — financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, geographically, and so many other ways!

Great News… You don’t have to let your CURRENT circumstances and feelings be your “one-all end-all!” Draw your joy, hope, and peace from a greater realm that what you currently might be seeing!

Cash in on that opportunity for an advancement with your paycheck!

Have a great Sunday afternoon Superwom@n!


Questions for Reflection:

(1) Can you believe good things are coming your way even when your eyes and your heart is telling you otherwise?

(2) Reflect on what FAITH really means to you:

SOURCE: How to Have a Fabulous Life No Matter What Comes Your Way! By: Karen Scalf Linamen

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