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As we start 2018, if your like me, you’ve been busy pondering how you might do some things differently from how you might have done things in 2017 — not everything mind you… just some things! Over the last several days as the new year approached and 2017 was drawing to a close, I continued to ponder that topic. In thinking about this, I have to remind us all that wonderful profound quote:

Great Quote for Your Mantra!

One can not keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. In other words, if there is something that “needs a different result” then to get that different result, I must consider how I am going about “doing that thing… whatever it might be!”

Let’s Keep It in Vegas!

Keep it in Vegas? Yes, our group, Superwom@n By Design, is intended to help us all as women become all that we desire to be in every aspect of our life and to have the distinct ability to laugh — yes, that gut-wrenching belly laugh that makes you cry and your mascara runs and you have raccoon eyes! So, in saying that, one of the series of posts that we will work on over the next several months is that of THIS plain and simple: Loving Your Man Without Completely Losing Your Mind! Ever been there? Yea, I get it… me too! While my situation (I’ll explain later) might be different from yours, there are many, many of you that can relate! And… what if right now in this season of your life, there is no man driving you insane? Is there someone that is? If so, then this series is for you as well. I think what most of us find is that those that we love the dearest and the most are the very ones we sometimes want to “grab tightly around the neck” for one reason or another! Get my point! So Vegas you ask? Yes, throughout this series of posts, we will discuss some things that everyone would not like the world to know about… only the women in our group; therefore, I ask that you keep our topics and our comments in our group and not make reference to our posts outside of our group so that everyone might gain as much as she possibly can! Deal? Good!

Then, Lets Begin! What Are We Waiting On?

One of the things that I want to improve in 2018 is my ability to love my husband without losing my mind and I am quite sure that he would tell you all the same thing (since he won’t see the post, he’s not here to defend himself lol). There are so many times, especially the stressful times, where I feel like I’m losing my mind and being a contributor of more stress which is the exact opposite of my intentions. So, I sought out advice from different places… most of all from a biblical perspective, and one of the places/books that I landed upon was so helpful in looking at this from a different perspective so I want to share with you over a series of posts, the advice that I feel is going to make a huge impact on our marriage for the better and I am hoping that’s what we all want ultimately — stronger relationships that can stand the test of time and stress, weather the storms, and come out brighter and more stronger than before! Finally, in this series of posts, let’s just commit to the mantra that we will be “gut-level” honest — I think our results will be even better with more honesty! I am hoping that we can be a circle of encouragers for each other. We all need women in our life to encourage each other and be able to share similar experiences and give advise, tips, words of encouragement, etc.

Sometimes, He Does This Very Quietly… Is Satan Attacking Your Marriage?

So, in particular, as we begin this journey, in this series of posts, ponder these questions:

  1. What is about your marriage that pushes you to the point of breaking?
  2. Why is marriage so much harder than anyone could dare imagine until they are right in the middle of the not-so-wedded bliss?
  3. How could the man (or best friend) that you love the most in the world end up becoming the person that you struggle the hardest with to live in harmony with on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis?
  4. Why is marriage the hardest thing that you have ever undertaken and requires more energy than you could have ever thought about investing and more work for it to survive?

Goals for Our Journey

What can you expect from this series of posts that we begin together today? Hopefully, you can experience the following with all of us helping each other…

  • a biblical perspective on marriage
  • practical tips to open the door to loving your man (or best friend) with an abundance of grace and understanding
  • expect God to exceed your expectations for improvements in your marriage — hopefully the “real happily ever after” kind

Certainly Not the Expert Disclaimer

Please know from the bottom of my heart I am by no stretch of the imagination claiming to be an expert… pardon my expression… many times I plain suck at this topic; henceforth why I need to improve and seek out advice, tips, perspectives, etc. from some of you who are experts; from research completed in the field and noted authors who have a “handle” on this topic. Please note — Information that I share with you is summarized from a plethora of sources that are safe to be deemed as more of “expert status” on this journey — so remember, I’m, by NO STRETCH, anywhere near being able to speak alone intelligently about this very topic! Now, we have that out of the way lol… enjoy our journey and it is my prayer that you will receive tips, advice, resources, etc. that will help you all along the way be the change that you desire to achieve the results that you desire!

Communication… Here is Where We Must Begin… Can You Believe It? Oh Yes, I Can!

What can you expect in the first series of posts… yes… it’s all about some advice on COMMUNICATION… I know I can certainly use it! Stay tuned SUPERWOMEN… I’m rooting for us all!

Happy New Year!





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