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Have you ever thought about how brilliant MacGyver really was? Yea, I know, he just happened to have something close by ALL of the time to get him OUT OF ANY CIRCUMSTANCE that he found himself in at any given time! Yes, I know… I’ve dated myself for sure! But, really think about what MacGyver REALLY had going for him??

It is as simple as this… MacGyver believed that he could; therefore, he really could! That’s way more than half of the battle! Believing is a very powerful notion and can carry you a great distance in this journey called life!

Think about the profound statement that Henry Ford has given us: “Whether you think you can or you think that you can’t, you’re right!” And… think about the little engine that could that we all know from our childhood days gone by. This little engine tells us that believing in something comes prior to succeeding each and every time!

In our journey we travel called LIFE, we all want to be thrivers — not just survivors each and every day! We can not self absorb ourselves in our circumstances that seem less than perfect — okay, lets be honest — circumstances that down right stink. It’s hugely important to remember that we will get through this — that we can get through anything  as long as we work hard to figure out how!

So, if we adopt some of the beliefs of MacGyver, then our mantra might look something like the following:

  • He stayed positive; always believing that there was a way out of whatever mess he found himself in — he just had to focus on how to find the solution to the mess.
  • He would not allow himself to be inhibited by his circumstances and/or his surroundings.
  • He loved learning and was always willing and able to gather new knowledge that he might need in his journey.
  • He was never a lone ranger and he loved working with friends in whatever circumstances they might encounter.
  • He always took whatever was in his life at the moment and put it to good use — always finding the positive in everything.
  • He ALWAYS kept his spirits soaring with the eagles which in turn always boosted his confidence; therefore, he had what it took to make it through!

And you know what?? You’ve got what it takes too! Look at what skills you have in relation to some of MacGyver’s skills — you have your education, all of your life experiences, common sense, and hard earned wisdom, and you are continuously working to sharpen your skills daily!

Also, think of our favorite cartoon character — Scooby Doo — he always managed to get himself out of any fixes that he found himself in on any given day!

                                                                  What Would Scooby DOO?

You will never be perfect — only one person was ever perfect.You’ll never be surrounded by flawless circumstances. Heck, you may never even have perfect hair. It’s very easy to drown in your circumstances; however, we must work daily to rise above our circumstances — even when our circumstances look dim — what we can’t see is that some of those yucky circumstances can actually enrich our lives for the better. We have to learn to continually make choices on a daily basis to rise above the stuff going on in our lives. Strive to live above the rock — not underneath it every single day!

It’s all about a daily choice that we must make — peace, joy, and hope unfortunately do not reside in each and every one of our circumstances; however, sometimes we let mirky circumstances cloud our vision.

Mud is very real — stressful situations are very real — pain is hugely real — loss is very real — and when they are all stirred up in our daily lives, our vision can be completely obscured.

So, where do peace, hope, and joy reside? We can find them in these places:

  • wherever the storms can’t reach
  • in ourselves and in our faith
  • in the never-changing nature of God
  • in the healthy choices that we make
  • in our ability to love and if we lose that someone, the ability to love again
  • the healing quality called time
  • the resilience of the human spirit

So, just think about it — we are armed with quite a huge arsenal!! So, even when your tunnel that your engine seems to be traveling through is quite dark, sit back, hang on and move forward — good times are ahead!!

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