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Now, how many times have we all heard that statement? Really? Seriously? Thinks of all of the different twists and turns in our road called, “life” and how “life” might or might not be similar to what it is now based on the choices that we have made? Kinda scary if you ask me, but then again, it can be exciting! Really, it can!

Before we move on, lets think about what we’ve discussed thus far for the last month or so — remember, our mantra is that “We Can ALL LIVE a Fabulous Life Despite the Circumstances that Come our Way if We Learn to Experience Inner Joy, Peace, and Hope” along the way. So, each post has been a way that we can do just that! Let’s Review:

How does this happen?

(1) While peace, joy, and hope are all strong internal forces within us, we have to work hard DAILY not to relinquish those inner muscles to external forces! DON’T DO IT!

(2) Manage Your Memories! Sometimes, it is hard and heavy work and it is not for the faint of heart! Don’t let your “Inner EEYORE” rear his droopy head!

(3) Get Yourself a Generous Dose of Endorphins! You know those “feel-good” hormones — serotonin and dopamine!

(4) What are your motivators? Make sure the voice inside your head is nice to you — do not let it convince you that your not worthy! Critical mistake but it happens all of the time — especially when we fall short of the very needed endorphins! Be mindful of this!

(5) Images are very powerful things! Do not let the movie playing at the theater in your head and mind create for you a self-fulfilling prophecy that you are not worthy! The images you hold in your mind must be images of inner joy, peace, and hope. Your course is determined by what happens on the inside — not the outside! What you see of yourself is what you get!

(6) Murphy’s Law is not your best friend — although there are days when you would beg to differ!

And then our post this evening… it’s all about the choices that we make Honestly, most of the time, we do try to make the best decisions that we possibly can with the information that we have at hand. We can give ourselves that credit for sure. But, then, every now and then, indecisiveness can rear it’s ugly head and we are faced with some trying circumstances and our choice becomes much more difficult to make! It’s like we think that we know that our choice is going to lead down roads that we would really not care to take but it is so tempting to believe that we can justify and make our choice “healthy” most of the time to no avail… Why do we do this? Is it to hang on to something that we thought might have been? Is it the anxiety of moving forward in a completely different direction? There can be a multitude of reasons as we all know. It’s like we say, “Hey, don’t you hurt me because I am going to make sure that I accomplish that all on my own by making this choice that I know better than to make!”

In learning to make the best of choices, look at the task from this standpoint: All of our choices are not meant to be pain-free. In fact, as we well know, many choices can be very painful; however, they are very necessary healthy choices to move to the next step in life. Sometimes, they are quite scary and forge a risk that gives us surges of anxiety but still and yet, they are healthy choices — necessary choices.

On February 6, 2008, my husband, myself, and at the time my then three year old son made the conscious choice to head to church on a Wednesday evening. I had been doing educational consulting work all day on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and he had been at work. He texted me several times throughout the day and then when I got home, he had our supper ready and we quickly ate because I taught a class on Wednesday night and he thoroughly enjoyed the class that he attended. Because of this simple choice, our lives were changed forever. About five minutes after we left our house, we were hit by a young man and flipped seven times. My husband was killed instantly in the blink of an eye — to say I had to make some painful, yet healthy choices for my family was an understatement. I will do an entire series of posts on this stage of life — a very dark, dark stage of life I must say!

But, in the midst of the darkness, I had to choose life — for me and for all of my four children — it was essential for us to move forward and continue to live! If you want to continuously experience peace, joy, and hope, take the healthiest road not necessarily the one that is free of pain — you can do this!

Sometimes, life can throw us a curve ball and we don’t get to make a choice — it is made for us! It is a choice that we would gladly return, give back, or nicely ask for a different decision. Then, other times, a choice is to be made and we must work diligently to make sure that we make the healthiest choice not necessarily the one that is free of pain.

Just think about…

(1) Have you ever known ahead of time that a choice was the wrong one but you made it anyway? Why? How did it work out for you?

(2) Think of a time that you made a healthy choice — how did you muster the strength to make the touch choice that you knew you had to make?

(3) Have you regretted making a choice that you felt in your “heart of hearts” was right?

(4) When life has you in a valley, are you tempted to make choices that will bring you some sort of temporary relief for a while but not permanently? What kind of choices might you find yourself faced with in this scenario?

Superwom@n, as you forge ahead on the “road of life,” make healthy choices that despite some immediate pain will bring you much inner peace, joy, and hope down the road permanently!

Have a great weekend!


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