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(Original Post from February 17, 2016)

Superwomen, we have been looking at characteristics that will continue to empower us to be even greater superwomen. Thus far, we have looked at (1) Are we paying attention to the way our internal clocks were designed; (2) Feed our brain and know our brain dominance; and (3) Today… Laughter is really a great RX for you! I looked at several different sites and here is what I found– the long and the short of it — you must LAUGH! Even when you feel the stress overload coming… why? Because it is so much more beneficial than what you can ever imagine! Let’s take a look!

Look at some of these benefits! WOWZA!

What does laughter do for us? Laughter gives us many short term benefits as well as many long term benefits too!

Short Term Benefits:

(1) It stimulates our organs and gets us going strong for the day! Literally, this means that when we laugh our blood flow is increased meaning we get more oxygen to the brain, and this gets us going stronger! So, circulation improves and our muscles relax!

(2) It activates and relieves our stress response meaning it diminishes the release of cortisol which is our “fight or flight” hormone which was not designed to be used unless we are facing some sort of traumatic event.

(3) It soothes tension, and it serves as an internal workout for our bodies!

(4) Laughter literally releases a cocktail of happy hormones. You know, Superwom@n, it’s those hormones that we need to feel good– that serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin– all those endorphins we need to tolerate ourselves and for others to tolerate us LOL.

Long Term Benefits:

(1) It improves our immune system and makes it stronger!

(2) It acts as a natural pain reliever.

(3) It increases our personal satisfaction.

(4) It increases our mood.

(5) It improves our blood sugar levels.

(6) The more we laugh, the more we receive the long and short term benefits of laughter! Most importantly, laughing is heart healthy!

Superwom@n, in order to “bring your A-Game” everyday honey child, you gotta LAUGH! I found absolutely nothing that tells us ANY negative benefit of laughing! Now, here’s the deal… some of you may say, “Well, I don’t have anything to laugh about.” To that I say, “Girl, you always have something to laugh about– you are still here on this earth breathing and you, Superwom@n have a purpose! So, LAUGH!

Just look at all of these benefits of something as simple as laughing! I hope that you are understanding that in order to be a superwom@n, you must first TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF in order to do your best to take care of others!

Promise me that you will laugh today… you know that good belly laugh that makes your eye liner run and you ask your buddy, “Do I have raccoon eyes?”



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