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It’s 5:00 somewhere…

I hope that your day has been awesome! Have you thought about what, in fact, makes you a superwom@n? I did some investigation (and I plan to do a lot more…) about the characteristics that just flat out make us all superwomen, and some characteristics that we might need to pay more attention too in order to become greater superwomen. Here is the beginning of my investigation:

(1) We must pay great attention to our internal clocks! There are times when we are obviously at our best and then times when we are ready to wilt! (More to come on this… it is really interesting…)
(2) We must balance our brain! Now, what does this entail? More to come… it has a lot to do with serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol!
(3) We can LAUGH! You know that laugh so hard that your eyeliner is running down your face!
(4) We can CRY! Sometimes, heck we need too. There is nothing absolutely nothing healthy about keeping things bottled up inside– it will cause us to release more cortisol which is bad on our health!
(5) We must learn to prioritize ourselves! Prioritize your day… we will look at this more and use some tools for being able to graphically represent this! I  don’t know about you all but I need some of this!
(6) We need to feed our brain with foods that fuel our focus… so what are they? (more on this too!)

(7) We MUST learn to delegate! You can not do it all, and you shouldn’t have too!

(8) We must learn to listen carefully! This is an art and unfortunately is sometimes very hard to do!

(9) We must rid our bodies of toxins that harm our focus, our concentration, and out productivity! We will talk more about these toxins!

(10) We must make absolutely sure that we are not our own worst enemy! Examine things… more later!

We will take each of one these statements and expound on them, and see what kind of superwomen we shall become! 

Just Sayin…
What’s your signature color? What’s your signature strength?

Until tomorrow! We will investigate “tuning into our body clock!”


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