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Happy Tuesday! Today is beautiful, and you, SUPERWOM@N are beautiful too! Okay, honestly, I probably needed to hear that more than you! How many of you have watched a scary movie knowing that there would be “after effects” of choosing to watch something that kept you on the edge of your seat? Yep, me too! The list is long and I fear I will date myself LOL. Anyone remember the spooky ole’ black car in the movie, Christine? Yes, that car had a mind of its own and was named Christine, and boy was she spooky! And then, of course, all of the Friday the 13th movies — it doesn’t matter how many times I watch them with my thirteen year old (the ones that are appropriate), I still jump and can’t stand those scary scenes. And tell me this… why does the person run TO the noise and eery sounds instead of running away from? Have you ever wondered that?? Or, maybe that’s just me?? There’s also movies like The Purge, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the list goes on and on.

Now, let me ask you this? Do you experience those “after effects” of having watched the scary movie? Do you have to take a flying leap to your bed to prevent some monster from grabbing your feet as you get into bed? Do you have to leave the closet door open with a nightlight on for several nights thereafter so that the enemy is in plain sight instead of behind that closet door? Yes, me too!

What images of yourself do you allow to form in your mind daily? Weekly? Monthly? Would you want to become what your images are…

The point is… Images are very powerful and have the capability of etching themselves into our mind for quite some time. In fact, they will take up residence if we allow them too! And… maybe for some images, we might need to consider that but others a definite NO NO!!

What is your image of yourself today? the last month? the last year? the last five years? Does this image just keep digging in to the frame of your mind daily, weekly, yearly? Images that we hold in our mind have a huge tendency to shape and influence how we feel as well as the decisions that we make in our world! Now, see… talk about POWERFUL! The movies that you play over and over at the theater in  your mind have the capacity to change your emotions, your choices, your relationships, your future, and namely your health! 

We have all subscribed to that very real notion of a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” especially in the field of education. But, of course, that’s not the only place! And then, to go along with those images we paint on the canvas of our mind of ourselves, what about the emotions that tend to go along with the images? Currently, if your images are sad and hopeless, then chances are your emotions fall right along in line with those images… and if I check myself… it’s definitely on point! However, if we will purposely entertain images of hope, of joy, and of peace, then our emotions are most likely to match! I know… easier said than done!! Why do you think I chose this as our post for the day LOL! I.NEED.THIS.SO.BAD! The VALLEY is my friend right now!

Now, remember our original point when we began this series of posts… our goal is to find our inner joy, peace, and hope and have a fabulous life in spite of all the circumstances around us? Some days it is just plain tough to do! If we picture ourselves in a boat of some sort, just aimlessly rowing along with no destination in particular, then chances are our emotions will match those images and life has great potential to simply turn out that way! BUT BUT BUT BUT… who is in charge of this? Yes, we are!! Praise God we are! How can we take charge of the images in our minds? I don’t know about you but I need this advice badly especially RIGHT NOW!!

Here it comes… one way that we can accomplish a fabulous life in spite of the circumstances around us and those that are a part of us is that of making sure on a daily basis, that we hold images in our heads that are pictures of health, of happiness, of success, and hope and promise ourselves that we can not hold images of powerlessness, no hope, despair, rejection, and hurt.

Do your images need some tweaking? Mine sure do on a daily basis especially in the storms tossed our way in life! There is not a single one of us immune from the storms so it is inevitable that they will come our way — some will storm harder than others. Some of us have experienced harder, more tragic storms than others — all storms are tough! But, you are not powerless by far! You WILL be tossed from side to side by the storms of life but what matters is what is on the INSIDE of you — what do those images look like in your mind and heart? We will all have times of feeling broken, powerless, stunned at an action by a family member, displaced, rejected, etc. (the list goes on and on…); however, we can strengthen our skills to adapt to the current storm and know that healing and happiness are on the way! Sometimes, healing and happiness don’t come soon enough and we have to weather the storm a bit longer… and it hurts and we don’t think that we can take another breathe; but, you can superwom@n, you really can!

Do not let your storms dictate who you are or the way that you view yourself!!! Find new images to hang on too — cracked but happy, broken but enduring, etc. You might be immersed in circumstances that you would not have chosen for a million dollars; however, they chose you — you lucky devil you! (1) Become equipped, (2) learn to adapt, and (3) work on thriving!! You have got this SUPERWOM@N!

In closing, remember the old adage of “what we see is what we get.” Keep this in mind and practice daily reframing the images in your mind that are images of inner hope, inner joy, and inner peace! 

Questions for Reflection:

(1) If you could describe a picture that represents who you are and how your life feels currently, what would that picture look like?

(2) Describe an image that makes you feel peaceful?

(3) Why do these particular images evoke these feelings in you?

Have a great Tuesday!


Source: How to Have a Fabulous Life No Matter What Comes Your Way! by:Karen Scalf Linamen

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