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(Original Post March 7, 2016)

Good Morning!

WOW! That title is a mouthful if I say so myself! I think this post might be for me a lot more than it might be for some of you who really have it together! You see, when I train and present to other educators, I have to immediately give them this disclaimer if you will…. I share with them that my mind whirls in thousands of directions which might sound appetizing to you; however, it’s not at times I assure you!

So, having an educational background, and more specifically knowing I am a right brain by heart and also knowing “I’m a squiggle…” (more on that because you have to figure out what shape personality you are too…) okay, so knowing these different things and then here comes the kicker… I am so ADHD wired for 220 voltage most all of the time.

I know those of you who know me are laughing right now because you are saying, “Well, that explains it… I can see that for sure LOL.” Nevertheless, of course, it gives me creative energy; however, it can also make me so frustrated and it’s number one cousin is that word called, PROCRASTINATION! Ugh! I hate that word — don’t you?

Well, I found a couple of tools this morning that may help us with this “bad to the bone” word and I am hoping that some of you may have some tools as well! One thing that I think that may help if this is a “bad word” to you too is to become more self-aware of yourself — meaning — know if you are functioning more with your (1) right brain hemisphere or your left brain hemisphere (see earlier post — I included a link for you to be able to determine this!); and (2) determine your “shape personality.”  You will love doing this and don’t cheat!

Here is what you need to do. Look at the shapes that I have included below and without knowing any other instructions, pick the shape that you think best resembles your personality! GO! Don’t cheat! Here are the shapes:

Here is your link! Again, don’t click on this link UNTIL YOU DECIDE! Also, some will refer to the last shape as a zigzag and some will refer to it as a squiggle!

I told you! It’s fun! I use it all the time when working with different groups of adults in training sessions! So, now let’s move on to some steps that might be helpful to us (me namely for sure) that might help us beat “PROCRASTINATION!” Here we go…

(Step 1:) Stop in the name of love and recognize that in fact you are in procrastination mode! So, I have a link here for you as well to help you better define procrastination — of course, if your like me, I know when I am there i just don’t like to admit it LOL but here’s the link: Try it and see if it confirms what you were thinking. Okay, yes I scored a 29 and confirmed what I have stated to you thus far — now what??

(Step 2:)  Reflect and try to figure out what’s the deal? Just why in the world are you procrastinating? Is the task unpleasant? Are you disorganized (that’s a whole other story for me…)? Are  you honestly overwhelmed by the task itself and can’t figure out where to start? Decide where you stand!

(Step 3:) Adopt a set of strategies that you can put into motion that will help you tame or beat procrastination… your thinking… “yea, I would have already done that if I knew what they might be…” Okay, what might these strategies be: (1) Reward yourself ever so slightly for getting started on the task and/or completing the task; (2) Have someone be your accountability partner– someone who knows that you might fuss when they ask you, “How’s it coming?” Someone whom you know you don’t have to have your guard up — they will truly help you! (3) Identify why this task is unpleasant; make a list and look at this list! (4) Think about your “cost of time” to your employer… shame shame; (5) Promise yourself on a daily basis to eat the elephant first meaning tackle the big things first thing in the morning; (6) Use Einstein’s Urgent/Important Principle (you have seen this in a previous blog post); (7) Make an old-fashioned “To-Do” list; (8) Get you a planner that allows you to look at a month at a time and then a day at a time — work on mapping projects out that allow you ample time to have success; (8) Set goals in your planner and then put these aforementioned strategies into place to make them happen girlfriend!

I have included an image of the Einstein’s Urgent/Important Principle to jog your memory! I will create you a printable of one of these quadrants for you to use as your “To-Do” list!

Einstein’s Urgent/Important Principle

Time Management Quadrants

So, calling all Superwomen, here’s your homework: (1) Right brain/left brain? (2) Shape personality? (3) Procrastinator? (4) Strategies that you find beneficial — PUT THEM IN PLACE!

Stay tuned for a *FREE PRINTABLE* for your time management quadrants for a “To-Do” List!

Have a great Monday and be your best Superwom@n!


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