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Have you ever experienced the ultimate broken heart? You know the pain that happens when you don’t think that you can take another breath, you can’t get up in the morning, you can’t get your clothes on and get going on a daily basis? This, of course, can be caused by a multitude of reasons… a break-up of a long relationship, a divorce, the death of a parent, spouse, child, sibling, the loss of a job or career, and the list goes on and on. If you haven’t experienced any of these, your certainly not immune… it’s just a matter of time!

Our hearts are not created to be able to just STOP THE PAIN immediately. Our hearts need many things to move past the pain in due time which is different for every person on the planet. However, in this horrible hurt, whatever it might be, we do know a few things that will aid us tremendously. We discussed in the last post that one way is to manage our memories with great care. Another strategy that we will look at in this post is that of getting ourselves a generous dose of endorphins! Those endorphins that chemically were designed to help us feel good BUT, we must activate them (I’m silently pausing here because I am guilty as charged for not activating them enough…).

Endorphins are our “natural painkillers” and are released by our pituitary gland when our bodies are in some sort of stress or trauma. Okay, so move on what’s this got to do with a “torn-apart” heart? EVERYTHING!! We need to kick those natural endorphins into high gear to help us live fabulously even in the midst of a storm! So, here’s the real question: How can I kick those endorphins into high gear?

GET MOVING…. GET MOVING….. GET MOVING….. Even if ever so slightly and slowly…. just MOVE! You and I both know that this can be accomplished in so many, many ways — do whatever you enjoy! And… you need some music to go with that recipe — music does the soul and heart good!

So, the second way to live fabulously, even in the midst of a storm, is to get moving or start moving more — just that simple!

Here are a few links that I found helpful… especially those that will help me “just get started” and then keep some momentum going… because I will quit LOL no doubt about it!!

Links for Help:

Food for Thought:

(1) When you have taken on a brisk walk, a run, a swim, a bike ride, have you ever thought, “Wow, I hate I did that? No, you haven’t! Admit it Superwomen, YOU FELT GREAT!

(2) Do This: Get a piece of paper and write down all of the reasons that are keeping you from moving. Now, fold the piece of paper into an airplane and fly it across the room! See, even “All of My Reasons that I Can’t Move” can move!

Have a great week Superwomen!!


(Source) How to Have a Fabulous Life No Matter What Comes Your Way by: Karen Scalf Linamen

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