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(Original Post on February 13, 2016)

On this cold morning, the day before Valentine’s Day, as I open my little journal that I shared with you when we first started this journey blogging about what we do as superwomen, I opened to this particular topic and page… Go Outside Your Comfort Zone! WOW! That says a mouthful. It also had a great info-graphic which honestly being such a visual learner, I relate to this much better than just an explanation. Professionally, what is your comfort zone? I decided to be somewhat vulnerable and map mine out and then use those parameters of my “not so comfort zone places” as opportunities to grow my superwom@n abilities!

Why should we engage in this task? I think this visual probably explains it better than I can in words:

A mouthful…
This graphic says it all… this is why it is vital that we all engage in this endeavor!

So here we go! We are going to take this four levels and I will use myself as an example. The first level is that of your comfort zone itself. So, what are you comfortable with doing professionally that you know that you do well and do not experience a lot of anxieties. I would say for me that is (1) doing large scale trainings on educational topics that I have spent a long time studying; (2) teaching courses to undergraduate and graduate education students; and (3) working with kids of all ages! Now, the next level (we are traveling now… outside that comfort zone) is that of “what you are willing to try professionally.” For me, I would say that is: (1) blogging professionally; (2) creating and publishing e-books to complement training sessions; and (3) creating additional resources that are helpful and useful to teachers. Now, this brings us to the third level. The third level is that of “reluctant to try.” Again, for me, I would state the following: (1) creating webinars for on-line training so that teachers can earn CEU’s from the comfort of home and not be in such a hurry; (2) on-line coaching again for teaching in some area that thy deem necessary to become better; and (3) how to make blogs more professionally done (I am sooooo struggling here… almost to the point of avoiding the learning curve LOL). Finally, the final level is that of what is “terrifying” to you to try professionally? For me, I want to write a book, in fact, I have started but that’s all I have done is start. I already think about the fear of rejection and I am no where ready to send it anywhere for someone else to even think about reading. Honestly, I think I just want to pay the extra money and publish it myself! So, I may have a solution to this terrifying goal that I would love to accomplish. Now, ya’ll are going to laugh at me but the other thing that terrifies me at this very moment is my darn Silhouette Cameo that I want to perfect soooooo bad! I see these precious projects that everyone makes, and I want to learn how as well. But, on some of the projects, I am almost scared to try because I don’t want to make a mess of something LOL so I have got to get busy to get over this hump! Now, enough of me, I wanted to spell out my “out of comfort zone” levels so that you would hopefully take the time to do yours this weekend– then get out your planner and promise yourself to carve out time for addressing these! You will be glad that you did! I have included below some graphics and links for you to look at if your interested on getting out of your comfort zone. BTW, I will be more faithful to our Superwom@n blog… I have been trying to work on another one that is my own domain and hosted by another service that I can do more with which is also out of my comfort zone and way frustrating LOL.

Try your best to work through this activity– I think that you will be glad that you did!

Have an awesome Saturday all of you Superwomen!


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