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Maybe this visual appeals to you more… I believe a “right brain” thinker created this visual! Remember that knowledge is power in terms of being a superwom@n! Know your brain dominance!
Here’s where we are and what we are discussing! Where do you stand? It’s important to know to “up your game” superwom@n!

Calling all superwomen… in our earlier post, we examined just a few things that we can do for ourselves to “up our game” in being the superwom@n that we all strive to be! Yesterday, we looked at paying more attention to our internal clock and working in tune with basically the way that God designed us extraordinary humans! Today, let’s look at the second attribute — that of — balancing our brain! Here we go!

Obviously, the first that that we superwomen need to look at intensely is that of figuring out our dominant side of the brain and then going with it! There are plenty, plenty of online versions of figuring out your brain dominance. 

So, having said this, I have included a link to a free brain dominance test that will help you gauge where you stand… be honest and be quick in your answers! Have fun!

Also, I wouldn’t ask you to do the brain dominance test without having completed it myself so I took a screenshot of myself… I honestly thought my right brain percentage would be a bit higher but oh well… here it is!

… My Results …

So, see where you stand and then let’s go from there! When you are presented with a challenge, a problem, a concern, etc. do you immediately begin to try to solve with your brain dominance? If not, you should! Then, if that gets you nowhere, proceed to your next brain dominance and try to come to a conclusion. In other words, if you are solidly left brain dominant (I am really not… the two percentages are somewhat really close), then you would purposely attempt to solve your situation with that dominance. For example, if you are left brain dominant, then you would approach your situation from the who? the what? the where? the why? and the how? You are solving from a logical, sequential mindset. If you see that is doing no good whatsoever, give that side of the brain a rest and focus on solving from your other hemisphere and see what you are able to derive. Honestly, ladies we all know there are situation out there that can’t be solved with either dominance and those are the ones that we submit to our belief in the Serenity Prayer right? If not, it should be! There is NOTHING productive in worrying about things in which you can do absolutely nothing about!

This graphic will appeal to some of you; however, the next one is my favorite!

I wanted you to see characteristics of each side of our brain and the dominant characteristics for each! Some of you will benefit by just taking the dominance test and being more aware of your dominance because it affects how you perform in your job/career/profession!

Please remember this!

Here are some of those info-graphics:

Is this not the coolest? It says so much just looking at the graphic!
This one really helps us and explains the difference well between the two hemispheres of the brain and how we approach things!

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone!


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