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I hope that your Tuesday, supposedly our most productive day of the week, has been great! Needless to say, it’s been a few weeks since my last post; however, this end-of-school year business can easily take one under the deep waters!! But, I shall prevail and, of course, I have been steadily paddling straight back up the the surface of the water saying over and over again… I got this… I can do this…

But, you know, sometimes, we are victims to Murphy’s Law right? Just in fact, where is the heck did Murphy’s Law even originate from?? I don’t know (now I will have to Google); nevertheless, it is ALWAYS alive and well for me personally. For example, let’s just use today’s activities!

Today, I had a training session to conduct for a particular school district. Now, I always try my best a night or two before to go ahead and put the address into my GPS on my phone in that I am really really directionality challenged. So, I did this and determined that I had to drive about 53 miles so I gave myself easily an hour and a half with time to spare! Yea, right! Always please remember that one must make sure that this is in fact the right location that the GPS is taking one too right? Yea, admit it… this may have happened to you once or twice too. Nevertheless, as I got closer and closer to “SUPPOSEDLY” the final destination I had this sinking feeling that I was headed to the wrong address… and, of course, as I heard that infamous, “You’ve arrived,” and I could obviously see that this was clearly NOT where I was supposed to be… Murphy’s Law was alive and well. I called my final destination to get a more accurate physical address, put that address into my GPS and whamo another 25 minutes… now it’s a race against time and that my friends is how the day started!

I recovered fine; however, I broke every speed limit in two counties! So, I started my day thinking… “Sometimes, I just can’t win for losing!” Have you ever had that feeling as well? Additionally, if you have a great right brain personality to go along with this, well then, you know you are really in for treats because we all know this right brain personality can lead to the “flying by the seat of your pants” syndrome!

We ALL have these circumstances that exist from time to time don’t we? Even when we try to get ahead of the game called LIFE… it can usually backfire on us in our efforts to even try to get ahead! There are just some days that even when we try to do our utmost best to stay positive, be upbeat, have our cup half full, smile, laugh, have confidence, be happy, etc. etc…. we try to all of the right things; however, our results do not match up with excellence in any sort of way! It is truly on these days that peace, joy, and hope leave us in the dark no matter what we try.

I received some profound advice on this very topic what seems like eons ago. On that very day, I had endeavored to attempt, and I use that word loosely, to take with me to MY dentist appointment my three very small doorstep boys who I guess I perceived would behave angelic as I lay in the dentist chair being worked upon. Yea, right! Up, down, up, down, up, down I went in that chair. Finally, the dentist tapped me on the shoulder and very profoundly stated (here it comes…) “Listen, you have lost the battle today; however, you still have all of the opportunity in the world to win the war!” 

It reinforced for me that there is always a new day to begin again — praise the Lord! So ask yourself this: (1) Is your “no good, very bad day” really completely to your circumstances at hand? or might it be (2) Are you seriously really tired or hungry or deficient in a vitamin or mineral? Or… (3) Has there been a recent circumstance in your life in which you seriously need to grieve? A broken relationship? A tragedy? Even the loss of a fur baby? or… (4) Is it just plain time to stop beating yourself up all the time which in effect is tearing your self-confidence apart? Consider each of these scenarios with sincerity, and I think you will find that Murphy’s Law is not your double first cousin like you thought!

It really seriously might be about JUMPSTARTING those endorphins to kick-in and do the job for which they were intended!! You know those feel good chemicals that we all need but may be lacking — those endorphins like serotonin, dopamine, and even adrenaline at times!

So, the next time you feel like Murphy’s Law is your closest relative, step back, relax, do not let panic set in, and take a good long deep breath and remember… “You may have lost the battle today; however, you still have opportunity in the world to WIN THE WAR!”

In our next post, we are going to examine how we can kick-start those endorphins into high gear and get ourselves ROCKIN’ — don’t miss out! YOU NEED THIS SUPERWOMAN!!

Happy Tuesday!


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