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Happy Saturday Everyone!

WOWZA! I hope you all are having an awesome Saturday and that it’s not too hot out there for you! My life right now has come to a screeching halt with eleven new English Bulldog puppies and yes they have good  sugar and are snuggle bunnies! It is definitely a full-time job! Speaking of English Bulldog puppies…

I LOVE English Bulldogs — always have and always will! In fact, one might say they are a passion of mine most definitely. It doesn’t take long for someone to figure out that when I have as many pictures on my phone of all my English Bullies as I do of Jace and Lily Kate, then I must really care about them! They have a way of taking all of life’s troubles away and will listen on a day that I feel like I need to vent for thirty minutes! See… get you one!

On the other hand, I can also get pretty passionate about the troubles that might abound in any given season. In fact, I have to be so extra careful to not let them consume every breath that I take! Also, if I’m not careful, I can go on and on with being passionate about a problem for a month, six months, a year! YIKES! Actually, you can work pretty hard at trying not to obsess or focus too long or too hard on the issue but it will rear its ugly head again and again even in trying your hardest to set it and your mind free!

Which can lead me into… you guessed it… I become pretty passionate about painful things which is not healthy at all! You and I both know that sometimes we are given circumstances that we do not recall signing up for… you too right?

So, here’s the deal… to flex our emotional muscles and have inner, joy, peace, and hope despite the circumstances that are tossed our way, we must take our passions for hanging on to the not so positive things or scenarios that are consuming us and our thoughts, and trade them in for a new kind of passion — a positive passion that propels you!! It’s probably safe to say that ALL of us can use a new lease on a healthy dose of PASSION! 

PASSION — something that sparks a vision in us, something that energizes us, something that gets your brain doing flips and your creative juices flowing freely — something that makes you bubble!

What makes you BUBBLE with passion? Do you need some help in discovering this very thing? We all have passions — that’s for sure! We all need to be passionate about the dreams that we have — dreams for our family, dreams for our career, our marriage, etc. It is that very PASSION that allows us to accomplish those dreams without a doubt!

TRY THIS: Take a piece of paper and fold it in half and crease the fold really well. At the top of the paper above the crease, write down one or more things that you thought you would have always done, would become, would have experienced, or would have accomplished by now. At the bottom of the paper, below the crease, write down whatever you feel like is currently keeping you from accomplishing these things or what has kept you from accomplishing them in the past? Do you have an abandoned passion from days gone by that needs rekindling?

OR MAYBE TRY THIS: Click on the following link: Finding Your Passion!  It will take you to my Google Drive where you can download a one page sheet on some simple steps to follow-through in finding your passion and narrowing it down to what you want most out of life!

You know the piece of paper that you just wrote those things on that have held you back in the previous paragraph, crumple up the paper and throw it away — rekindle that PASSION and head in the direction of your dreams! You can’t go wrong SUPERWOM@N!

Have an awesome Saturday!



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